Festival Chic Beach Look Book πŸŽͺ🏝🎑

Spring is in the air… I’d like to think. Here in Florida where its over 85 degrees between the months of February- September its 24/7 Summer! Inspired by Miami Music Week, Ultra, and Coachella, I was feeling an outdoors festival chic.

High waisted denim shorts are this Summers best friend! If you can find a great pair that Β come in a few different colors, and fit you just right, stock up! Paring high waisted shorts with bodysuits is a fun day-time chic look you can always count on. Β Accessories with a fun hat, long feather duster , or statement piece of jewelry.

Bodysuit:Β American Apparel Black Bodysuit $25

Shorts: 36 Point 6 ( off brand, can’t find online)

Necklace:Β Mirina Collections Airy Rainbow Famous Necklace $149Β Β (use code ‘Mirina girls’ for discount)

Hat-Β ASOS White Hat-On Sale $16





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